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What sets a nation apart from other nation is the ability to have its people to live freely as individual. That is why advanced democracies are able to nurture great people while also attract best talents from outside. Its people are able to enjoy equality and rights as a person, freedom to be who they aspire to be, without fear from state.

State in its nature is dictatorial, it aims to organise society into compartments that is easily managed, to dictate what right or wrong through legislation, law and enforcement. But how far is the power of the state acceptable? As we look back from civilisations in the past, it is the effective power of state that a city or empire is able to manage resources effectively and ensure its people are able to live a peaceful life within its territory.

Yet, when state becomes too powerful and desperately wanting to clutch its power to the last breath, it is willing to do anything, even controlling every step and thought of its people, paradoxically, which in fact leads towards the state own natural death. Humans in nature crave freedom.

The case with the Peaceful Assembly Bill, it is by nature a bill that shows the desperation of its leaders. They ought to realise that a bill like this will meant the end of the state as it is denying the very freedom of its people in expressing their thoughts. The people can either choose to flee to other advanced democracies, or to fight and preserve the only place that they know home.

Our nation are starting to become a backward country, with such leadership and political party that uses favouritism, corruption money, religion and race, and most importantly hijacking democracy with rhetoric, the people ought to think for the future what do they really want for their kids and the next generation to be, a hostage in this country? Or a proud and free person?

On the other hand, society itself is at fault for being resistant to change for the betterment of humanity. As Malaysians, we ought to start living for the future and fate of our country, the reality is, the societal conversation of this nation is and has been always very dogmatic, especially in the area of religion and race. Hence, the universal idea of freedom and progress is diluted to almost nothing. I noticed society get so excited with the area of accusing individuals of murtad, LGBT (Do you know there’s a different interpretation of the story of Lut which has nothing to do with LGBT hatred), and every forms and structures pertaining to religion and race, yet nothing is being said when our very freedom as individual is undermine, or our economy is rocking downwards or if the repression on the rights of the vulnerable such as the extreme poor, the orang asli and the immigrants.

Exception for the brave few individuals and civil society groups.

We choose to withdraw into our own little materialistic cocoon, withdraw into our supreme racial comfort, withdraw into our religious narcissism of being holier than thou, and refused to know what’s out there or mingle with people of different point of views.

As a victim of religious bigotry, it is saddening that this is what our nation has succumbed to. Religion become a playground for people to spread hatred and fitnah, to invade the privacy of others, and to show how religious he/ she is, when realizing that they are the ones who are making our nation a backward flop.

I leave this article with a research about the Islamicity of a country, believe it or not, New Zealand is the most ‘Islamic nation’ in terms of the Islamicity index (and the least corrupted nation too!), and Malaysia is only at 38, a far cry. In fact those “atheist” nations top the list of Islamicity. Again, at another study on the economic islamicity index, Malaysia is merely at 33, while most “atheist” nations which practice the separation of church and state tops the list, and the “catholic” Ireland ranked at No. 1. This shows that Islam is more than mere hijab or prayer or adopting an Arabised-culture,  it is about values and ethics, about progress and equality, intellectualism and innovations, about a nation and society that is free from corruption, barbaric culture,hatred, fitnah-culture, and indoctrination of dogmatism…

Instead, we are reversing back in time, falling arrogantly in ignorance.

This shows a lot about who we are, ain’t it?


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