(August 10, 2011): Azwan Ismail has released a statement on his reply to Sitt and his involvement in the MAFA FB group:

On Wednesday, 3 August 2011, I received a Facebook message from Arlene Tan regarding recent accusation by some people saying she is the real identity of a person called Sitt Al Wuzara. This is my explanation (the same one that I gave to Arlene):

About one year ago, there was a person called Sitt Al Wuzara posting in the ‘Malay Atheist?’ forum thread inside the Malaysian Atheists, Freethinkers, Agnostics & their friends’ (MAFA) Facebook group. I replied to his/her posts. I believe his/her posts have somehow been deleted, leaving Arlene’s post, originally between my post & Sitt’s post, as the next one. But still you can see the ‘deleted’ sign. Simple as that. Therefore, I did not reply to Arlene’s post, and did not refer Arlene as Sitt Al Wuzara. I also don’t know Sitt Al Wuzara & his/her real identity.

I only know the existence of Sitt Al Wuzara in that ‘Malay Atheist’ forum thread & checked out his/her blog once (and if I’m not mistaken, I noticed in that blog that actually he/she claimed himself/herself as a Christian). I decided not to continue arguing with him/her after that and also have not been following his/her activities until the recent accusation against Arlene Tan.

I hope people stop spreading lies regarding Arlene Tan as she is innocent & just a victim of situation. It can be considered as fitnah. Like me, she joined MAFA & took part in the forum for a healthy & open-minded discussion (however, I have recently deleted my posts in the ‘Malay Atheist’ forum thread, and removed myself from MAFA, to avoid further unwanted issues). Joining MAFA also doesn’t mean you’re atheists, freethinkers, agnostics, etc. Everybody can have their say there.

Again, I want to highlight that Arlene Tan is not Sitt Al Wuzara, and I also still don’t know who Sitt Al Wuzara is. Accusing Arlene Tan as Sitt Al Wuzara is totally stupid, baseless, and unislamic too.