Football has never been taken to new heights until a few days ago, as we learned that our youngest national team fought its way to the finals against Indonesia. Funny was, we Malaysians has never felt prouder, especially since long ago we have been bitching and let disappointed with Malaysian Football and FAM. But today, everything has changed.

Sometimes I feel, change is possible, it is harder the first time, but once there’s a will, there a way. Just imagine, a few weeks ago, Rajagobal’s team were mocked and looked down for their 5-1 lost to Indonesia in the group stage of the AFF Suzuki Cup. Now, they are the proud champion, not to forget Safee scored the most goals throughout the matches. For novice football fan like me, like most Malaysians, we only knew these players and the coach recently in Bukit Jalil’s AFF Suzuki Cup Final 1st Leg. When I googled the word Rajagobal, apparently he has been successful coaching state teams and even brought in Gold medal from the SEA Games.

Today’s 2nd Leg match in Jakarta was something that truly lifted the meaning of football fans to uncharted territory. Due to the laser incident in Bukit Jalil, almost none malaysian fans were in the stadium, scared of being unnecessarily killed by those hooligan Indonesians, so only a sea of red splash. Our boys were professional bunch, never complain like Markus did, never put on a childish tantrum, despite some of them (especially Fahmi) being shone with laser and were overwhelmed with the enemy’s loud curses echoed in the Bung Karno stadium . Mean while, in the cyber space, a war between Malaysian and Indonesian supporters were in full blast in Twitter, Facebook, blogs etc. In fact, almost all Twitter’s Top Trending World Wide were about the football match itself. I was surprised to see the word Khairul Fahmi and Congratulation Malaysia in the top 10 list. Since Indonesia is the 3rd largest Twitter users in the world, I guess it shows 2 things: 1st, Indonesians have calmed down and now see us all as Brothers and Sisters despite the hatred sentiment a few days ago; 2nd, every Indonesian girls are falling for Khairul Fahmi’s Korean star looks now. He could probably be the first and ONLY Malaysian to be able be in Twitter TT. Wow!

It is funny how football has able to break and unite people from both ends. At the end of the day, it was a great match to watch. despite losing, I applaud Indonesian team for they determination to score 2 goals. Nevertheless, the winner aka our national team deserves the ultimate praise for proving to us Malaysians that we ought to feel proud for being Malaysians, and to have such high-level performances and world class standards in football. Although I was rather disappointed with our weak defense, thank goodness our superhero goalkeeper Fahmi saves the day, I was in awe with his high jumps and his brilliant saves at the penalty kick. Rajagobal had gambled his money well, his decision to put the barely-23 young ones to play in such a big match may doubt some people, but now we see your point, King Gobal. He is our biggest Hero, our Sultan, our King. In fact he’s bigger than any idiotic king/politician/MP we have, he managed to do what they are unable to do – uniting Malaysians and instill the spirit of nationalism.

The crucial part, what’s next? Can we let Rajagobal lead the way instead. Can he be part of the FAM Board of Directors? Can he have the veto power instead. For once, FAM should be managed by professionals, not the loser sultan Pahang, and ignorant UMNO Khairy. We wish right?

Thank you Harimau Malaya for bringing us the confidence boost that we Malaysians are longing so badly since the utterly messy politics we have here. For once, it is cool to be patriotic, and it is cool to love our Malaysian football. Maybe World Cup 2018 could be in our wish list too. We want you to be the legendary team that when we are older, we can tell our grandchildren how cool it was supporting Malaysian National Football team. Rajagobal, or now perhaps we should call Maharaja King Gobal, we love you and we want you to take more risk and please train these boys into world-class athletes.

Cheers 2011.