Dear Malaysia,

I love you. Yes, sometimes I hate you and want to leave you for New Zealand or Britain or Australia, but I can’t help to be in love with you all these years. Being with you since young, you understood me the most, I miss all the old days I spent time with you surrounded by all the simple things in life. Malaysian food is the best, the best fusion of different culture. You were once very warm and accommodative, always smile and happy. You were always the best student in the class of South East Asia, although your rivalry twin Singapore has always beat you at every exam-scoring. But in my heart you are always the best.

But now…. things has changed, you bad habit is killing you. Your twin Singapore is bad mouthing behind your back. You have dropped out in class, even your classmate Indonesia  you once bullied and looked down Is catching up fast with you. In the end you have lost a lot of friends. People are attracted to invest in other South East Asian classmates. Besides, you failed to take the huge opportunity when the scholarships from China and India came. They will give you a better future for your college education. Instead, your classmates Indonesia is smart enough to grab it. Singapore may had flunked last semester’s exam, but I heard he is working hard to recover for the next semester exam.

What you are dwelling now instead? The stupid debate about race and religion! People are sick with that topic, knowing very well that they are not able to feed their kids or have the money to get through their monthly expenses. Every day it is always about race and religion. Issues about ketuanan melayu, Islam, Allah, Islamic state, Indian rights, Chinese education…. gosh, I am sick of that Malaysia, can you hear me?

I am feeling sad every time you neglected you education for such childish debate. Didn’t father tell you not to fight over petty, useless things. Can’t you work together and see each other as equals? There are bigger things in life out there  – like our ailing economy. I seldom see that being debated in our newspaper, mainstream or alternative, all are the same. Why we must always fight over race and religion? Why can’t we all be friends and work together as equals? Being a Malaysian is in our blood and soul, we should recognize ourselves as Malaysian, first, mid, last…. all the way.

Malaysia, you must realized that how special and unique you are. I know sometimes you have an inferior complexion, but trust me, you are beautiful. If you could realize it sooner. The next exam is around the corner, are you doing any preparation? Please, please, please, be true to yourself. I know you need help, maybe extra tuition or something, but don’t just run away from your problem. I know last exam, the FDI accumulated was negative, investors are running away from you. The economy is going from bad to worse, and the Malaysian people are getting smaller and smaller pie each day. They are suffering, unhappy. And what are you going to do about it, Malaysia?

Malaysia, please wake up and do your homework. Work hard and invest in good tuition after school. Don’t forget to join extra-curriculum, especially in our foreign policy. it is vital for our economy. I notice our foreign policy is not as colourful as before. you seem not to be interested in networking with other nations, discover new economic opportunity. Just for your information, the exam questions is no longer as predictable as before. Now the real money is made in BRiC nations – Brazil, Russia, India & China. Even the European Union and United States  are worried. Malaysia, you must open up your worldview.

I am sorry Malaysia, you had hurt my feelings so much all these years, I have been patient with you a lot. I thought you had learned your lesson during March 8 General Election, I thought you wanted the same thing as I am, but I guess I was wrong again. I am a very simple lady, I don’t want you to change and be like some sky-scraper New York City-like, in fact I was quite mad at you for building the countless towers including the Twin-Tower, I think it is a waste of money. I noticed you love to show off a lot to others how great you are. I hate that attitude.

I prefer a much modest, humble Malaysia. Something like Paris or any Scandinavia cities. Humble, romantic yet still very progressive. I prefer you to put your hard earn cash on more important investment. Like public transportation & facilities, Human capital and export-based economy. We have one of the worst exam-oriented, race-based education around. No wonder you are getting dumber. Remember the good old days where we have good quality British Education, with high-ranking universities. We produced smart, intelligent people. At that time, you and Singapore were the best of twins, always study together. We were at the forefront in foreign policy. We put economy as the most important aspect of our country’s progress. We were the biggest export on palm oil and other commodities. We had lucrative export on oil & gas. We had a good pool of human capital. We had very high FDI coming in… But now…?

Now with the massive issue of brain drain, you are becoming more and more paranoid. Curbing people’s freedom of speech. Sadly, we are the hub for 3rd world countries to come working here, like Myanmar and Bangladesh.  Gosh, I could go on and on. All because you are suffering from an inferior complexion. Seriously Malaysia, Race and religion will not feed your kids, it will not get you out of poverty, it will not let you get the life that you wanted. It’s purely suicide. The only way you can be happy is to get on with the economy, get the best people to handle our economy. Let the rakyat talk about the economy, let the newspapers write articles about improving our economy. Let’s get the ball rolling.

Malaysia, this is my last chance for you. I still have faith in you. Until the next General Election, please work hard and focus. Remember the word father used to say “united we stand, divided we fall”. Stop politicking race and religion. Work cross-culturally with like-minded politicians who aspire a better Malaysia. I know you can do it, next election will be the biggest test for your competence.

I miss you. Take care.


Rakyat Malaysia