Not a mockery to Islam though, just in case you feel offended.

This is something that I hope we could do something about it before our country turn into an Arab-wannabe failed state.

Islam has crept into our mainstream society, big time, ever since the fall of Shah of Iran a.k.a the Islāmic Revolution in the 80s. It was the time where our Love-Him-or-Hate-Him former PM, Tun Mahathir started a huge social engineering of Islamization, not so much with the intention to “uphold the values of Islam”, but politically speaking, he was on the mission to please the Malay crowd from PAS, by turning the government into an ‘Islamic agenda’.

Not to forget, Islam became a political game strategy between PAS and UMNO and anyone in thirst of power.

The Islam that we know in Malaysia is all about the surface. Never mind what you do behind closed-door or under the table, what’s important we have to look like an ‘Islamic State’, especially among the 3rd world, corrupted-driven, oil-mongers, dictator-ruled, Islāmic nations.

That was where the rest of Malaysians failed to see. Most thought the Islamization in our country came naturally due to the Islāmic tendency of the Malays. While the Malays think that they have to repent repeatedly to show their allegiance to Islam. The truth is, Islam was socially engineered in our country.

Ok, the checklists. Islāmic department JAKIM as the evil Sauron more powerful than our Executive, Parliament & Civil Court combined? Check! JAKIM mafia-like-enforcers to snatch dead bodies from non-muslim families, moral policing on Malay lovers and humiliate sexy muslims in night clubs? Check! State-sponsor Islamic detention camp in Kamunting to re-brainwash stubborn apostates? Check! Massive demonstration in KL the moment Palestine got strike but no permit for BERSIH & HINDRAF? Check! National Fatwa Council to punish beauty queens, yoga and female drinkers? Check! Syariah Law to make sure Muslim women will always be under the dictatorship of men? Check! Hudud Law to scare away non-Malays and liberal Malays? Check! Another Islamic department PERKIM to massively convert non-muslims to increase the Malay population artificially? Check! Tabung Haji to show how caring the government is on your afterlife? Check! Islamic university aka UIA to show to the 3rd world muslims how Islamic we are? Check! Islamization of national schools & universities to brainwash the young Malays that they are the supreme race in Malaysia? Check! Islamic forums/TV shows/media that meant to show Islam is a supreme religion that practices ‘the ends justify the means’? Check! Spend millions on building exquisite mosques but no funds for other religious temples? Check! Halal logo to make huge business on the non-malays kedai makan by forcing them to pay ‘protection’money so that they are able woo the already-brainwashed-&-controlled Malay customers? Check! Equating Islam with Ketuanan Melayu? Check!

So the list goes on and on.

No wonder Islam is Malay here.