Ahh… Malaysia, my home land, love it or hate it, it is part of me, my identity. What it is being a Malaysian means to you? To me, it is a personal affair. Living in the heart of our capital city, the feel and smell of Kuala Lumpur is like the soft touches of a secret lover, the passion lingers long after, even if I were to escape to a faraway strange land. But Malaysia is diverse, Kuala Lumpur alone does not represent the rich exotic quirkiness of Malaysia.

Sometimes I wonder, the humour cartoons and jokes about Malaysians, does it really represent the people of Malaysia as a whole, of is it merely a mainstream stereotype we got used to it as time passing. Who are Malaysians? Are we only consisted of the 3 major races with the rest dumped into the Dan Lain-lain category? What is race anyway – is there such thing as Malay, Chinese and Indian? Why there’s so many resentment inside our hearts, yet our love and tears still goes to our beloved country?

Sometimes I ponder, we are so used to all the BS by the authorities and people in power that we created an immune toward those people. We became unhappy old hags, constantly blaming them for our little pathetic lives. Well, definitely there’s truth to it. But why, for how long are we going to be in such state? I am sick that every morning waking up, seeing the faces of Malaysian children walking to school, knowing very well that as they grow up, they will learn the art of being a racist, ignorant, and ass-kisser.

Travelling outside Malaysia, let me see a glimpse of the real world where it is not so much different from ours. But our little Malaysia is a tiny dot in the world map, not even worth to consider as important among the international community.

Who cares about Datukship and all the status awards given by our spoiled sultans? Who cares about our local entertainment industry that is dying day-by-day? Who cares about our national car of inferior quality? Who cares about our rubbish, segregated education system? Who cares about our apartheid economic policies? Who cares if our country’s economy will soon collapse? Who cares if we are responsible for the sufferings of the forgotten orang asli, our natural environment destroyed, basic human rights of immigrants violated, the deepening of state-sponsor Islamization, the open practice of corruption, and the widen poverty gap of the rural poor?

So what’s left is only us Malaysians. We do care. Let’s forget about race and religion for once. Let’s forget about politics too. We are diverse. Regardless of skin colour, we are all Malaysians. And about religion, let’s not make a mockery of faith. And gosh, stop blaming the West for everything yellow (budaya kuning). Let’s appreciate our diversity as Malaysians. What makes us unique?

Our uniqueness comes from our values as Malaysians. Our vision for a better Malaysia. Isn’t it beautiful to travel from Kelantan to Johor to Sabah, and be totally blown away by the rich cultural diversity we have. Isn’t it amazing to delight our taste buds with such heavenly fusion of Malaysian food heritage. Isn’t it wonderful to see all Malaysians break away from their skin color comfort zone. Isn’t it lovely to have a common-speaking national language that is free from racial and religious sentiment. Isn’t it invigorating to see young people looking forward to bring about change for our country.

There’s still a long way to go. No doubt. But for once, let us try, change is possible.  So back to the question – what is it being a Malaysian means to you?