Living in Malaysia is like living in Hollywood, except that the celebrities are replaced by politicians and who’s who in politics. For a while it’s kindna cool to live here, i mean we get our Malaysian version of “E! News Entertainment” and “Perez Hilton celeb blog” daily through our alternative and mainstream media. Everyday, there’s never short of controversial, dramas, conflicts and love stories unveiling in public. Tell me something i didn’t know… The answer is, our politicians have made our Malaysian sound so trashy and superficial that there is no value in reading them, like a typical trashy celebrity magazine and junkie Hollywood celeb news TV. That is how low our Malaysian politics has plunged into.

Yes, our political climate has open its door wider than during Mahathir’s era. Yes, we all have the privilege to dug anyone’s old coffin now. Yes, the balance of power between Darth Vader and the Jedi has finally blurred. But No, we are still static, urgent and important issues such as economic and social development are not yet throughly discussed or implemented. I don’t see any effort by the PR or BN camps to have an open debate or talk on improved blueprint of our economy, or new agenda for our social ills or better public transportation, bla, bla, bla… Instead, what we see is increased in racial and religious sentiments, laws and conflicts. Need i mention more? cow head, canning for beer, banning alcohol in Selangor, port klang corruption (catching the whistle blower instead of exposing the corrupt ones), attempts to filter the internet (funnily not porn, but political contents), concerts ban (i guess that’s the only job description laid upon the PAS Youth, pity) unity government, Islamic state (never sure what the hell is that) etc, etc….

So in the end, who’s the loser? Well, in Hollywood, the more you are in hot water, the better your career is, coz there’s more press spotlight on you. The same in Malaysia, it seems like those in hot water seems to have much better followers than those who prefer to keep quiet. No wonder Dr. M, Kit Siang, Karpal Singh and Samy Vellu will never fade, their mouth will never shut. they are heavy weights, equivalent to Madonna, Celine Dion, Tina Turner and Cher. Never fade. Well what about young and upcoming hot water celebs? like KJ and Nasaruddin, they are the Britney Spears and Paris Hilton of our time, haha… No need to mention the loser rakyat, we are too coward to get involve anyway… Still, I’m waiting for an all out demonstration by the rakyat to all our so-called glamorous politicians one day, just give them a kick in the butt and tell them “hey, dey, get ur ass moving lah, we want CHANGE! NOW!”… But then again, it’s just one of my wet dream.

You know what, i found out being a freelance journalist or blogger has suddenly became the IT thing in Malaysia. Since 1999, i see a burst of new and controversial online writers/bloggers like RPK, Jeff Ooi, Newamee and more unknowns coming out from their rusty closet. They are the Hollywood paparazzi, feeding us with daily diet of trashy flashy crazy news pieces. I would call them our Perez Hilton and Ryan Seacres. Their job is really glamorous, they got to meet the political insiders (or equivalent to Hollywood’s insiders), go to glamorous Parliament Debate and Party Annual functions (equivalent to Oscars’ and Grammy’s) and hang out with cool politicians (or Hollywood celebs), they are sometimes even invited to their own talks or conventions (red carpet events and Hollywood talk shows)… I think, for once, in Malaysia, they could be more famous than Siti Nurhaliza or Mawi. I bet if they could sing, their album sales will damage the rooftop.

I don’t know whether to laugh or feel annoyed at our politicians and our Hollywood-style politics. Most Malaysians I know are OVER such trashy celeb readings of our Malaysian politics. They were excited with all the March 8 hype… but the more our politicians rambled, the more fed up we all are. Why can’t we all have the good old politics of yester years. Remember? when the issues our politicians strive for were economic and social development of the poor, rural and urban. We don’t have moral policing, the syariah law was virtually unknown, young people enjoyed life without fear of religious officers and there were no rigid religious laws to regulate and segregate the muslm and non-muslim. No wonder people were more united and mixed in the past, state laws do segregate the people, be it religious laws or racial policies. People always pointed to Sabah and Sarawak when talking about model for unity. Religious temples or mosques are built next to each other, frequent inter-marriage between different races, and people are able to live together harmoniously. A lot of Malaysians from the peninsular are puzzled how can this happened, when the cow head incident is still fresh in mind. Well the answer is simple. In Sabah and Sarawak, the religious/racial laws and policies are virtually non-existent or loosely enforced, people don’t feel the pressure to be in the mold of certain race or religion. People do not fear for being uniquely who they are. Too bad the two states are too poor and dependent to stand on its own. If i were them, i would threaten to divide Malaysia, unless the federal government give enough credit and respect to the people of Borneo.

malaysia boleh

Enough of this Holloywood celebrity thingy in Malaysia. I want real politics. Secular politics. Let Sabah and Sarawak lead the way. Malaysia BOLEHlah land!