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It’s interesting to see how such universal issue like health care can divide the Americans; whether to let the government step in or let the private companies run their business. Health care has long been an on going battle between different interest groups in America. Funny thing is, the system in the US has got so complex and profit driven and manipulated that it’s hard for them to be sure which reform is the best. The Obama administration has put health care one of its core domestic policy. As usual, any politicians trying to change what’s an already totally rotten system will be doomed to fail.

The fact is the people there are still controlled by powerful capitalist health moguls like the insurance companies, drug firms, etc. The media has since begun the battle field for health care war. I read through different medias from the US, I was totally shocked on how manipulative and crazy the media war there. They made such simple ‘health care for all’ looked so damn complex and impossible. And worst, the spin doctors are so good at this game that they made the Americans feel that as if they have the best health care in the world and the Canadians and Europeans suck.

They even included vague statistics, like how contented the Americans are on US health care system, how advanced the US is in its health care compared to other developed nations, or the US enjoyed higher survival rates on terminal illnesses, or how terrible the ‘Karl Marx style of socialist rationing’ existed in the European and Canadian health care services are, bla, bla, bla… Bull Shit. The power of Media warfare. Controlled by powerful greedy capitalists in the US health care industry.

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Then, not to forget how good their tactics when it comes to complex-ised the whole US health care system, to make it seemed as if nothing can be done to save America. They put it this way, if the government sponsors too much, more than Medicare and Medicaid, it will drive up the cost as they believe competitions become non-existent and monopolisation sips in. And the theory is government will spend even more money. They try to justify it by showing that the Europeans are running on a deficit health budget. But they fail to see that, the health care cost in France and UK are only a small fraction of their GDP and best of all everybody receives the best health care treatment without worrying whether their insurance company will pay for them or not.

The second scare tactic is to overindulge in the word ‘socialism’ and government bureaucracy, as if it’s an evil sentence. What I see is there’s nothing wrong with both of the words. What’s important is how the structure will run its course. Names are just names, either privatisation or government. You see, even if it’s totally privatised, the insurance company will still impose its own ‘private bureaucracy’ by determining what kind of doctor, treatment, hospital, etc Americans can go to. And don’t you think it’s just the same thing..?? I am positively sure, it would be a dream for all Americans one day that, they don’t have to worry if suddenly out of no where they got an illness that needs a whole bunch of different treatments, with no insurance and not enough money, yet they are able to receive the best health care from specialist doctors.

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What Americans should be concerned is how the ‘socialised’ system will run, how it can benefit all Americans, poor or not. Universal Health care is far from the socialised soviet-style health care that the American Media propagated. The American Media made the ‘single-tax pay system’ sounds like as if all Americans will no longer have the freedom to receive the kind of health care that they want. That is not true at all. Statistics and responds from developed countries that have universal health care showed that the people there are healthy, happy and have no in common with soviet-style socialism at all. In fact the system there is so good that the doctors focus on both treatment and preventive plan for their patients. The doctors there focus on getting their patients living a healthy life and thus indirectly reduce government expenditure on health care.

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The worst tactic in the media war is for them to instill fear on Americans that too much government regulation will reduce the quality of health care. Since, it seems that it may reduce R & D, reduce better treatment on the same illness… Now, that’s plain baseless. The irony thing is 1/3 of insurance money that Americans pay is channel towards advertisement and marketing. And the health care industry made trillions of dollars from the health care profits. It’s a freaking money making industry. Not so much of universal health care here. While hospital and medical companies too made their profits even more with the current US health care system, no wonder medicines are so damn expensive there and health care bills are ballooning. There are just so many middle men dealing with this medical stuff. Even doctors make money by adding extra treatments and unnecessary medical cost. So much so that, a lot of Americans gone bankrupt because of health care bills, and the Americans receive worse health care compare to third world countries like Morocco and Colombia. Not sure? Review the Forbes’ list and WHO’s list.

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I think the whole US health care system is too crazy and profit driven. Everything from the insurance companies, drug firms, hospitals, doctors, right down to politicians and the media themselves. All this will kill America. If Obama wants his Health Plan to work, he must first show his Health structure will work in a set time limit and make sure this plan will be a provider as an alternative for those who believe in ‘socialist’ health care. And more competitions will definitely benefit everyone. Let the Americans choose the best cheapest way for America. Well, in other words, Americans are always divided on every issue, given an illusion of choice will be the best method to counter attack all those privatised health zealots.

A great nation will stand based on great society and civilisation. If the US is still unable to provide universal health care to Americans and struggle to keep it’s people healthy, then too bad for them. On the mean time, the Canadians and Europeans are laughing like mad at the US on how dumb the Americans could possibly be in this modern world, while enjoying their well-designed ‘socialist’ health care.