my malaysia
I’m a drifter
Without a direction to flow
My body goes beyond the heaven and universe
My mind is open space wide
Neither corners nor borders
My soul is light as a feather silk
The air is my only guardian angel
In the world far and distant…
I see laughter of little kids playing kites
Running around on the muddy green field
I smell the sweet scent of ripe durians
Across the road on a wooden stall
I caress the white grey hair of an old nyonya
And her lovely smile touches my heart
I enjoy eating spicy sour penang’s laksa
Reminds me the happiness of living
I talk to strangers while backpacking Dungun
The hospitality is way better than a five star service
I sleep soundlessly on a lazy Sunday afternoon
On the white sandy beach in the Sipadan Island
Life in Malaysia is like watching an old 40s movie
Laid back, easy, simple…
The beauty of simplicity
Set me apart from my ‘rat race’ friends
I want to lead a different path
Even though I’m not sure
How and where to get there
Living as a drifter paves me a unique way
To look in perspective about what really matters
I want to discover
The essence, the truth, the journey
And my spirit has the hope for better and peace
For nothing is wonderful until…
Love conquers all.