this is my first post for a my blog…just freshly got out from a breakup, my heart is still covered with warm wounds.. but life must go on, yeah, u guessed it right, i was the one dumped, not the other way round. as usual, i was so slow in realizing how severe the relationship had gone down the drain, as a woman, i thought i can fix the problem, but he don’t see it that way. anyway to cut story short, we ended up as friends, not the usual manner, everything seemed awkward now. he thinks that i can never move on, well, he is damn wrong. i just need time to heal, coz i’m usually a bit slow on my emotional stuff, it’s the down side for taking stuff too seriously.
nevertheless, my life is not all filled with bad apples, i found new old friends, just ppl that really cared abt me and love me for who i am. i admit, i’m not all perfect, i can be both devil and angel. i’m now making use of my free time, just doin the best of stuff. i have huge goal, laugh me all u can, hahaha, i noe 1 day i aspire to become the Prime Minister of malaysia. yeah, i know it’s an impossible thingy, considering malaysia is totally racist, sexist, divided, selfish, narrow minded and worse, we are starting to turn into the mediaevel period, where religionists control everything, no freedom, no progress, no life. i can’t imagine how backward malaysia will be. even becoming more corrupted as those religionist benefited from such supreme powers. no wonder so many liberal malaysians run to other first world countries for new citizenship. but i know deep down in my heart this is no wishful thinking, i know i have what it takes, or even if i don’t i will prove that i can. quitting is never in my dictionary.
ok, in the future, i’ll want to discuss and share more of what’s in my brain, heart and more, hehehe… salut!